Given the number of orange barrels popping up around town, you might think that all we do at the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) is manage construction projects, but that’s not true.

There’s a lot of work that takes place well before a project ever goes to construction.

Much of that work takes place in what we call the ‘study process.’ And that’s where we are now in terms of planning a potential new roadway to connect I-71 to the AA Highway (KY 9) in Campbell County.

KYTC Project Development Process

A new construction project typically advances through the following phases:

The Northern Kentucky Outer Loop Study is a planning study. This means that several initial corridors have been identified as potential opportunities for improvement and are undergoing further review and evaluation.

This study will examine potential alternatives for new transportation connections in the southern portions of Boone, Kenton, and Campbell counties, as well as the northern portions of Gallatin, Owen, Grant, Pendleton, and Bracken counties.

We’ve recently completed further evaluation of the Level 2 Alternatives. Click here review the alternatives and Evaluation Matrix.